Yos9p assists in the degradation of certain non-glycosylated proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum


  • L.A. Jaenicke
  • H. Brendebach
  • M. Selbach
  • C. Hirsch


  • Molecular Biology of the Cell


  • Mol Biol Cell 22 (16): 2937-2945


  • The HRD ubiquitin ligase recognizes and ubiquitylates proteins of the endoplasmic reticulum that display structural defects. Here, we apply quantitative proteomics to characterize the substrate spectrum of the HRD complex. Among the identified substrates is Erg3p, a glycoprotein involved in sterol-synthesis. We characterize Erg3p and demonstrate that the elimination of Erg3p requires Htm1p and Yos9p, two proteins that partake in the glycan-dependent turnover of aberrant proteins. We further show that the HRD ligase also mediates the breakdown of Erg3p and CPY* engineered to lack N-glycans. The degradation of these non-glycosylated substrates is enhanced by a mutant variant of Yos9p that has lost its affinity for oligosaccharides, indicating that Yos9p has a previously unrecognized role in the quality control of non-glycosylated proteins.