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PhD students

We are recruiting PhD students

We are currently recruiting for PhD students starting any time now. We do research in Bioinformatics and develop our own computational methods and algorithms to tackle biologically interesting question, typically by studying large-scale data set as they emerge using state-of-the-art technologies. We work on Linux machines and a high-performance computer cluster.

We are keen to hear from you if you have:

  • an M.Sc. in physics, computer science, mathematics, biochemistry, chemistry or bioinformatics
  • existing research experience (M.Sc. thesis)
  • strong programming skills (C++, Java)
  • experience working under Linux
  • keen interest in investigating biological systems and learning more about them
  • sound training in statistics
  • strong oral and written command of the English language
  • enjoy interacting with scientists from other disciplines

That said, there is no fixed set of requirements, we enjoy working with a mix of students with different scientific backgrounds and every application is considered on a case-by-case basis. To apply, send me an email attaching:

  • CV
  • university transcripts
  • summary information on your MSc thesis
  • names and contact details of 2-3 reference letter writers
  • a brief statement (1 pages is fine) explaining your motivation and mid-term goals

New PhD students:

  • can start at any time during the year,
  • register with a university (typically the Free University of Berlin with me as the primary PhD supervisor, see for details) and
  • become graduate students of the MDC graduate school,
  • are funded directly by the supervisor (me) or other sources and
  • have to complete their PhD in three years (the maximum time is four including extensions).

Once a year, the MDC invites PhD applications to its MDC graduate school via an annual call. This gives you the chance to:

  • apply to one or more prospective MDC supervisors at the same time,
  • secure one of the centrally MDC-funded, 3-year PhD positions and
  • visit the MDC in Berlin during the interview week if you make it to the final round.

This annual call takes place only once a year.This year the application deadline is 1 July 2016 with interviews in Berlin for the final round of candidates in September 2016 and decisions shortly afterwards.