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We are recruiting postdocs


We are currently recruiting post-docs starting any time
We do research in Bioinformatics and develop our own
computational methods and algorithms to tackle biologically interesting
question, typically by studying large-scale data set as they emerge using
state-of-the-art technologies. We work on Linux machines and a
high-performance computer cluster.

We are particularly keen to hear from you if you have:

  • a PhD in quantitative data analyses and/or algorithm and software development (e.g. in
    physics, bioinformatics, computer science, math, chemistry, statistics)
  • strong programming skills (C++, Java)
  • experience working under Linux
  • strong analytical skills and sound background in statistics
  • interest or, ideally track record, analysing high-throughput data sets
  • strong interest in investigating biological systems
  • very good written and oral communication skills in English
  • interest in working with researchers on an international and interdisciplinary
    research campus

That said, there is no fixed set of requirements, we enjoy working with people from different scientific backgrounds and every application is considered on a case-by-case basis. To apply, send me an email attaching:

  • information on yourself (i.e. CV, publications etc)
  • names and contact details of 3 reference writers
  • a brief statement (1 pages is fine) explaining your motivation and mid-term goals and how they relate to what we do