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News in 2008

STUDENT UPDATE: Launch of MDC-NYU PhD Exchange Program

In joint collaboration with The Center for Functional Genomics and Systems Biology at the NYU, the BIMSB has recently launched its new International PhD Program.  In this pilot phase, 10 students will have the opportunity to participate in a fully integrated global doctoral program designed to meet the needs of 21st century scholarship and which provides travel funding to work in New York for up to two years.  Further information along with the application procedure and deadlines can be found on our PhD Program webpage.

December 2008

PUBLICATION: "snoRNAs meet microRNAs"

In collaboration with the Meister lab (MPI Munich), the Rajewsky and Chen labs from the BIMSB have shown that some endogenous human snoRNAs are processed into functional miRNAs. The paper that describes this novel microRNA pathway has been featured on the cover page of 'Molecular Cell'. Next generation sequencing was a key technology for these findings.


November 2008

COLLABORATION: Collaboration with New York University

In fall 2008 New York University honored Nikolaus Rajewsky as 'Global Distinguished Professor of Biology at New York University'. This further strengthens the ties between the BIMSB and the new Center for Functional Genomics and Systems Biology at NYU, in particular the BIMSB PhD Fellowship program in collaboration with NYU.

September 2008

PUBLICATION: Tune down those proteins!

The laboratories of Nikolaus Rajewsky and Matthias Selbach at the MDC have achieved a first: they have measured and compared two ways that microRNAs control levels of proteins produced by cells.


August 2008

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May 2008