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News in 2009

STUDENT UPDATE: Svetlana Lebedeva, N Rajewsky Group, and Bjoern Schwanhaeusser, Selbach Group, present at the inaugural session of the Student Seminar Series in Systems Biology. Every other Friday at 4:00 pm, our students present their work in progress and invite fellow students and scientific faculty to join the lively discussion. All are most welcome to attend.

December 2009

STUDENT UPDATE: The BIMSB - NYU PhD Exchange Program takes part in the Nature Source Event at the Berliner Congress Center in Berlin. Please come by and find out what we have to offer in person! For futher information please see the Nature Source Event Berlin Website.

December 2009

STUDENT UPDATE: MDC and NYU joint program @ work

On Saturday October 10, 2009 after the Berlin late Summer Meeting, the BIMSB group leaders and the NYU faculty met as the joint BIMSB - NYU PhD Program Committee. They worked out measures to develop the structure and basis of joint projects and student curricula to reach the program aims:

These aims are to provide an international and interdisciplinary education based on joint scientific projects between BIMSB / MDC and NYU research groups. Students may spend half of their time either in New York or Berlin, participate in PhD program activities and interdisciplinary classes at either location, receive training in high-end technologies as well as in computational approaches. The first student ‘pioneers’ present their projects here.

The joint PhD Program Committee will organize annual meetings to promote continuous scientific exchange, the presentation and discussion of ongoing projects and further future collaborations. They will also participate in combined faculty committees for PhD student evaluation and mentoring, ensuring students are closly supervised in Berlin as well as in New York. Many additional efforts on either side of the Atlantic Ocean are underway to support our students with regards to housing, admission, extra grants and communication to support their education, transatlantic research projects and success in interdisciplinary research.

In sum, this program continues to develop through the combination of outstanding doctoral students and highly motivated junior and senior scientists at both locations.


Wei Chen

Christoph Dieterich

Stefan Kempa

Markus Landthaler

Matthias Selbach

Nikolaus Rajewsky

Members of the joint

program are:


Richard Bonneau

Claude Desplan

Kris Gunsalus

Fabio Piano

Mark Siegal

Stephan Small

October 2009

CONFERENCE: The ‘Berlin late Summer Meeting - From high-throughput to function’ is part of an annual series of meetings at the interface of experimental molecular biology and computational approaches.

This years meeting will focus on the translation of high throughput technologies and data to functional insights and models. Since the BIMSB has also launched its international PhD exchange program this year, the meeting will host at least 6 members of faculty from the Department of Biology from NYU. The meeting will maintain its characteristic open atmosphere, stimulating interdisciplinary exchange between experimental and theoretical as well as experienced and young scientists.

The Berlin late Summer Meeting took place on October 8 and 9, 2009 at the Max-Delbrück-Communications Centre (MDC.C), Campus Berlin-Buch.

October 2009

STUDENT UPDATE: In collaboration with the MDC Helmholtz Graduate School Molecular Cell Biology, the BIMSB-NYU PhD Exchange Program has opened its next round of application. More information on opportunities for graduate study at both BIMSB and the MDC along with the application process itself can be found here. Good luck with your applications!

October 2009

STUDENT UPDATE: Two BIMSB PhD students, Alexander Baltz, Landthaler Group and Small Group, and Yongbo Wang, Chen Group, represent our new institute at the 11th joint MDC-FMP PhD Retreat with posters presentations on the topics of RNA Biology and Post-transcriptional Regulation and Transcriptome Characterisation of Planaria Schmitea mediterranea by Massive Parallel Sequencing respectively.

September 2009


1-cell-stage embryos obtained by eFACS
Stoeckius M et al Nature Methods 2009

PUBLICATION: A rapid and efficient cell sorting method allows new insights into early animal embryogenesis - Close Collaboration between Max Delbrück Center and New York University

Ten thousand embryos - and counting

Ten thousand C. elegans embryos - collected at single-cell stage!

A technique to collect large numbers of worm embryos, all precisely the same age, has been developed in a collaborative approach of researchers at the MDC and NYU. This major new technique and subsequent transcriptional analysis are reported online this week in Nature Methods. The field is now open for detailed studies of early events during embryogenesis.


September 2009

STUDENT UPDATE: Andranik Ivanov, N Rajewsky Group, joins the BIMSB graduate student community as an MDC Helmholtz Graduate School Molecular Cell Biology Aspire Student Training Intern. This competitively assessed 6 month funded position allows him to receive training in bioinformatic and computational biology techniques in preparation for his doctoral study.

July 2009


(Photo/Copyright: GKNY)

STUDENT UPDATE: Connecting Worlds of Knowledge at German House New York

On Friday, February 13, Consul General Horst Freitag hosted a meeting for a delegation of scientists from the Max Delbrück Center in Berlin and the New York University (NYU). Horst Freitag introduced the new Research and Academic Relations Initiative of the German Foreign Office which aims at 'connecting worlds of knowledge'. The scientists explained the current PhD Exchange Program between NYU and the Institute for Medical Systems Biology in Berlin (BIMSB), a research center of the Helmholtz Association.


February 2009