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MDC-NYU Exchange Program

The Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology offers an exceptional PhD Exchange Program to support interdisciplinary research projects and international PhD education.

Photo: Maj Britt Hansen

PhD topics are structured as collaborative projects between the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at New York University and the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology at the MDC. A Principal Investigator from each institution supervises each student, students who are expected to divide their time between Berlin and New York, taking advantage of complimentary research and training expertise. Resources are available for travel from Berlin to New York for short and long term working periods as well as for course and conference participation. The regular guidance of an international PhD Committee supports the creation of individual research and training portfolios.

Our program offers:

  • interdisciplinary research training in top ranking labs
  • projects that are dually mentored by a group leader from MDC and NYU
  • students are supported to spend up to fifty percent of their time at NYU
  • access to and training in high-end technologies, such as deep sequencing, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics
  • an extensive and comprehensive archive of animal model systems and "evo-devo" approaches
  • participation in interdisciplinary classes, soft skills courses, student focussed seminars and specialist summer schools
  • the regular opportunity to present your research at the BIMSB Student Seminar and attend the Systems Biology Lecture Series

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