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Collaborative research networks

EuReGene (European Union Network: Small vessel inflammation), NGFN-2 (German Genome Network: “Functional Genomics of Cardiac Damage in Hypertension”), FOR1054 (German DFG initiative: Sex-specific expression of cytochrome P450 (CYP)-dependent eicosanoids and their role in cardiac hypertrophy), FOR1368 (German DFG initiative: “NF-κB and BMP signaling in acute renal injury”) P2R project (German-French DFG-ANR project: “The (pro)renin receptor and cardiovascular disease“), European Multi Centre Study with partners from Inserm, Paris (G Nguyen), Max-Delbruck Center, Berlin (DN Muller and M Bader), Erasmus Medical University Rotterdam (J Danser). As well as an industry-funded consortium analyzing “The (pro)renin / receptor system in hypertensive organ damage” funded by Novartis Corporation.