Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Office works with the research community at the MDC to translate their ideas and discoveries into products and services for public benefit. We support applied research, safeguard IP and connect our researchers with external experts and industry to turn research and ideas into technology opportunities and new businesses.




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Berlin Cures was founded in 2014 as a spin-off company from the Max-Delbrück-Center (MDC ) in Berlin/Buch. The focus of the company is to study a class of pathogenic autoantibodies with the aim to neutralize them from patients’ blood. Therefore, in a joint effort, scientist from the MDC, Charité and the German Heart Institute in Berlin studied the significance of these antibodies in respect to a subset of cardiomyopathies and other highly significant diseases. They were able to formulate a drug (Aptamer BC 007) that specifically binds and neutralizes these autoantibodies. The drug candidate BC 007 is currently under clinical investigation in a Phase-2 study in patients suffering from chronic heart failure.


EPO Berlin GmbH

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The EPO Berlin GmbH is one of the leading CROs for pre-clinical oncology research in Germany since more than 20 years. The companies' highly sophisticated and complex services for development of novel anti-cancer drugs or therapeutic concepts is internationally well acknowledged and requested. The company has modern laboratories for performance of in vivo studies, gene technology as well radioisotope experiments. The EPO GmbH is specialized on individual tumor models of different entities and therefore supports basic as well as translational research. Such models are used for identification of novel therapeutic targets, for drug screens and for complex pharmacological studies. In these studies EPO correlates efficacy of drug candidates with their pharmacokinetics, evaluates their applicability and analyzes their mechanism of action. Further, by the use of patient-derived models (PDX) predictions for individualized therapies can be made.

EPO is AAALAC certified and adheres to strict industrial standard guidelines to perform services for more than 125 clients from pharma- and biotechnology companies, clinics and research institutions worldwide. Furthermore, EPO is involved in EU-wide consortional projects, which are focused at research for molecular tumor therapies.


MRI Tools

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In 2011 the MRI.Tools GmbH was founded as a spin-off company from the Max-Delbrück-Center (MDC ) in Berlin/Buch. The company builds on more than 20 years of experience in MRI technology in academia and industry. MRI.Tool`s portfolio is divided in two main pillars: Services and product development. Whereas consultancy, compatibility testing, product certification for clinical studies and many more are listed in their service portfolio, their product development is also very diverse ranging from Accessories to customized Phantoms. With these offers, MRI.Tools answers the growing need of the industry, clinical research on all levels as well as modern academia.



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In 2013 OMEICOS was founded as a spin-off company from the Max-Delbrück-Center (MDC) in Berlin/Buch. The pre-foundation phase was covered under the umbrella of the Helmholtz Enterprise and the MDC Pre-GoBio funding scheme. The core business idea was to explore the beneficial and therapeutic potential of epoxyeicosanoids, better known as naturally occurring metabolites of omega-3 fatty acids. In a period of only about five years, the company managed to translate their findings made at the MDC in close collaboration with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center into clinically relevant development. The company’s main focus and translational research interest is to fully unlock the therapeutic potential of synthetic analogs of the epoxyeicosanoids, which targets one of nature’s most important cellprotective pathways mediating cell-protective and anti-inflammatory effects in cardiovascular and ophthalmic diseases.