Life in Berlin

Coming to Berlin

If you are planning to move to Berlin from abroad, please visit the MDC Welcome Center site for detailed information on visa requirements and general information to help you set up your new life in Germany.

Activities in Berlin

Berlin is a lively city with lots of cultural events, restaurants, cinemas, and outdoor activities. For more information on what is going on as well as on the history, politics, and economy of Berlin, check out or

There are also a few German websites on current activities and events to visit, e.g., or

Travel in and outside of Berlin

It is easy to get around Berlin using the public transportation system. Please visit the BVG website to plan your journey, buy tickets etc.´If you are planning to travel outside of Berlin, to visit the surroundings, the Baltic Sea, or nearby cities such as Dresden or Weimar, the Deutsche Bahn is probably the easiest way to get around.