TransCard Program Speakers

Michael Gotthardt, MD

The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.
- Voltaire

Fortunately, patients in our age can expect a lot more than amusement when they receive medical treatment. Largely this can be attributed to evidence based medicine (learning from past successes or failures) and translational research (learning from nature).

In the TransCard research school, we provide the training, the mentoring, and the infrastructure to create the best possible environment for a successful PhD project at the interface of basic science and clinical research in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease (CMD). This package will not only help you enjoy your results at the bench (compare the high impact publications of previous students in the CMD-program), the interaction with excellent scientists, clinicians, and motivated peers, but also provide the necessary medical background to make sure your hard work does not stand by itself but ultimately helps improve healthcare.

We hope you will enjoy the program, make an impact, and have fun as you learn how nature cures cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

Yours truly,
Michael Gotthardt, MD

Francesca Spagnoli, PhD