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Helmholtz Soft Skills Courses

Helmholtz Soft Skills Courses are centrally organized, two- to three-day workshops, which are open to graduate students from all Helmholtz Centers in Germany. They are thus not only a great opportunity to learn transferable skills, but also to meet other students from different research disciplines. There are three different kinds of Helmholtz Soft Skills Courses, which have been designed for graduate students in their first, second, or third year, respectively. Students who would like to attend Helmholtz Soft Skills Courses are required to register through the TransCard coordination office.

1. Research Skills Development Course

This course addresses 1st year students and covers a range of topics, such as teamworking, networking and communication skills, as well as personal effectiveness. This will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to promote your own research project effectively and to manage interpersonal relationships within a research group.

2. Presentation and Communication Skills Course

This course is geared towards 2nd year students who have already gathered research experience in the lab and who are now faced with presenting their work at a conference, or publishing their results in a scientific journal. The course deals with various aspects of how to prepare a presentation for different audiences, as well as how to write well-structured abstracts and articles.

3. Career and Leadership Course

Designed for the more advanced 3rd year students, the goal of this course is to build your skills and confidence with respect to career planning, career development, and your personal leadership style. At the end of this course, you should feel well-prepared for advancing to the next step of your career.

Career Development Program / Summer School

This training program is centrally organized by the Helmholtz Graduate School 'Molecular and Cellular Biology'. It offers scientific writing courses, language classes, as well as IT courses.