Scientific Curriculum

TransCard Lecture Series and e-Learning Platform

This lecture series is meant for 1st year students and takes place once per week over the course of two semesters.

Topics of the Winter Semester

Topics of the Summer Semester

gross and fine anatomy of the vertebrate cardiovascular system

clinical cardiology

development of the cardiovascular system


cardiovascular physiology


renal physiology


metabolic pathways


signaling pathways

human genetics

hormonal regulation of metabolism

clinical studies

molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular and metabolic regulation

animal models


stem cell biology



For more information and the current schedule, please check the MDC event database or visit the TransCard Sharepoint site (from the MDC intranet and for registered users only).

TransCard Student Seminar Series

In the Student Seminars, 2nd and 3rd year 'TransCard' students get the chance to present and discuss their research projects in an informal setting. In this forum, students also share their experience from their participation in scientific conferences or courses supported by TransCard travel funds. We also organize student held workshops on special techniques, software tools etc. The Student Seminar Series takes place every first Thursday of the month.

Wollenberger Seminars

This is a monthly seminar series, in which research groups of the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Research Program present their most recent work. For information on the present and past schedules, please check the MDC event database.

TransCard PhD Retreat

The annual PhD Retreat gives TransCard students a unique opportunity to present their work in an informal setting, and to network within the TransCard community. Students also get the chance to contribute to the program of the retreat and invite external speakers from Germany or abroad.

International Conferences

TransCard students can apply for Travel Grant Fellowships to support their active participation at scientific conferences worldwide. This gives them the opportunity to present their work to internationally renowned experts in their field.

Methods workshops and collaboration visits

TransCard supports students who would like to participate in methods workshops and courses in Germany or abroad that will advance their research project. Likewise, students who work in close collaboration with other research groups outside of Berlin can  apply for fellowships to support their travel and stay at a host lab.