Welcome and Family Office

Let us give you a warm welcome to Berlin and the Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine in Buch. We wish your stay to be pleasant and successful and would like to offer our help and assistance in all issues of life and work in Germany.

Please, find some brochures for the very first steps after arrival and for settling down in Berlin and at the MDC in detail.

We cordially invite you to contact us for any request or call on for help, and would appreciate comments and suggestions to improve our service.


The Federal Foreign Office has updated the FAQs regarding internships in Germany. Basically, all internships are looked on as employments and need the agreement by the Central Office for International Exchange (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency. As of now not only internships funded by EU training programs (like ERASMUS) are exempted from this rule. Also, all internships less than 90 days can be done without applying for the agreement. Details, unfortunately only in German at the FAQs section of the Federal Foreign Office.

The federal state government Senat of Berlin has published a brochure "New in Germany" with information and helpful advice on schools in our city. It is available in nine languages on the website of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family. Please, click at their website and scroll down to the brochure "Neu in Deutschland?" for international newcomers and refugees.

Brexit: The next British Citizens Outreach Meeting in Berlin will take place on September 30th. Please, check the UK Embassy's website for registration details. 

Currently we still do not know what will be the conditions for UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU, and equally, what will happen to EU citizens living in the UK. For now, we would recommend to check the information provided by the British Embassy and the Berlin Foreigners' Registration Office and follow their instructions. The German Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community also has published a list of FAQs. On request, the Berlin Foreigners' Authority has confirmed that your stay in Germany will be allowed for 3 months after the Brexit until end of January 2020 and maybe even longer. You will be invited to the Foreigners' Registration Office and will obtain the best possible residence permit for Germany. E.g. if you have already been staying in Germany for 5 years you will automatically get a permanent residence permit, or if you are married to a German or EU member you will obtain a residence permit according to principle of freedom of movement (Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung). Please, feel free to contact our Welcome Office directly for questions and assistance.

The Berlin Foreigners' Registration Office has opened a second branch in Keplerstraße 2 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Especially students and scientists as well as their children and spouses should no longer refer to Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24 to get their residence permits prolonged.  Please, click at http://www.berlin.de/labo/willkommen-in-berlin/aktuelles/artikel.486374.php to find more information.

By September 6, 2013, all foreign nationals in possession of a residence permit for familiy reasons (e.g. spouses, partners, children) may with immediate effect pursue an occupation without the need for a work permit by the Foreigners Registration Office. Should the residence permit contain conditions such as "Beschäftigung nur nach Erlaubnis der Ausländerbehörde" these conditions no longer apply. These rights are regulated by law. That's why, everybody also automatically benefit from the new regulation without having changed the residence permit, of course. 

Please, refer to the website of the Berlin Foreigners Office or ask me for further information.

By August 1, 2012 new regulations according to "EU Directive 2009/50/EC of 25 May 2009 on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purposes of highly qualified employment" were braught into effect in Germany. The "Gesetz zur Umsetzung der Hochqualifizierten-Richtlinie" defines the conditions of highly qualified employment within the EU Blue Card System. The Berlin Foreigners' Registration Office has announce the administrative rules for Berlin at their website.

This law also facilitates the stay of graduates and students in Germany. Students will be allowed to work 120 days/240 half-days a year and graduates of German Universities will be allowed to stay for job seeking for 18 months (previously 12 months) provided that they pay a medical insurance and prove how they earn their living.

Please, click here to read the guidlines of the Berlin Foreigners' Registration Office.

Yours sincerely,

Sylvia Sibilak & Andrea Salerno-Schwarz

last update: 09.09.2019