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Leadership Development

Programs and support at the Max Delbrück Center

Leadership training is a key element of our development program. For the professional and personal development of our leaders, we offer a variety of programs and support structures at all stages of their career lifecycle. This ensures their continuous development.

Recognising the importance of excellent leadership skills for long-term scientific success, we provide training to develop these skills from the earliest career stages. Our PhD students have the opportunity to participate in the Helmholtz Key Competence Training Programme's workshops on "Career planning and development of one's own leadership style" in the final years of their doctoral program.

Our junior group leaders benefit from peer support offered through a mentoring programme. Upon joining the Max Delbrück Center, they are paired with mentoring senior group leaders. The mentors provide practical day-to-day guidance and share their experience, knowledge and skills to facilitate the professional development of their early-stage colleagues.

A variety of training options, tailored to the individual needs of our leaders, facilitate the development of leadership skills. These are essential for creating successful, goal-oriented, motivated, creative and empowered teams, driven by the principles of inclusion, mutual respect, collaboration and dedication to a common goal - producing excellent science for the advancement of society.