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The Max Delbrück Center is committed to providing an attractive work environment for all employees – with outstanding infrastructure, collaboration with leading researchers, and with a vibrant community. Our series introduces you to the diverse people who make this happen.


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Young scientists

In our interview format "Lunch Break" we talk to young scientists about their path to the Max Delbrück Center, their interests and much more.
© Felix Petermann, MDC
© Felix Petermann, MDC
© Felix Petermann, MDC

Science and art have a lot in common, at least when you look at it from Anita Waltho's perspective. In the second episode of “LUNCH BREAK“, she talks cellular trash, creativity in science and Berlin-Brandenburg's lakes.

© Felix Petermann, MDC

Ian Erik Stewart doesn't like to completely give up work in his free time. Together with other scientists, he founded "EDGE" - an organisation dedicated to make neuroscience understandable through art. He reveals more in our new "Lunch Break" video series.



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Reading tips

In our series 'What are you reading right now?', scientists and staff members of the Max Delbrück Center give book recommendations.


Our professors shape the institute through their research and their work. We would like to maintain close ties and promote the exchange of former colleagues with active scientists.