The Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association carries out basic biomedical research. We try to understand the causes of diseases at the molecular level, in order to better diagnose, treat and prevent them. Our aim is to transfer our findings as quickly as possible into practical applications.

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Research Highlights


New level of gene regulation plays a role in cardiovascular diseases

When genes are read at the wrong time or in the wrong place they can cause a disease. Less well known is the extent to which the following step, the translation of the gene transcripts into proteins, is also prone to errors. Now, a team lead by Prof. Norbert Hübner of the MDC in Berlin-Buch has gained new insights into this process of gene regulation at the level of translation. The researchers recently published their results in the journal Nature Communications.



Following the leader

Cells compete to lead the tip of growing blood vessels, a team of European and American scientists has discovered. Their study, published recently in Nature Communications, also revealed how the leading cell is chosen.