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Our faculty consists of 88 research labs and 18 technology platforms. We support both early-stage researchers in establishing their first independent research group and senior group leaders who are looking for a permanent position.

Scientific Group Leaders at the Max Delbrück Center are recruited from across the spectrum of biomedical fields and benefit from:

  • Core funding to establish new research dimensions
  • Excellent research conditions with access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure, including cutting-edge technology platforms;
  • Access to an outstanding pool of PhD students, including recruitment support in the form of bi-annual centralized PhD recruitment;
  • An exceptional scientific, international, collaborative, diverse, tolerant and inclusive working environment;
  • Career support through mentoring and professional development programs;
  • A Welcome & Family Office that provides assistance with the first steps of the relocation process to a new living and working environment;
  • Research-oriented administrative support structures, such as the International PhD Program and the Career Center.

Group Leaders

Early Stage Group Leaders are appointed at an early stage of their career. They are usually building their first independent group. They are appointed for an initial period of 5 years and are usually granted an extension for another 4 years following an external review after 4 years.

Senior Group Leaders, together with Early Stage Group Leaders, form the core of our faculty. They are appointed for an indefinite period and develop and pursue long-term research programs, subject to regular independent review.

Guest Group Leaders are faculty members from our partnering universities or other research centers. They are invited according to the suitability of their expertise to our research program. They are affiliated for cycles of 5 years. They are invited to maintain a close relationship and collaboration with the Max Delbrück Center after the end of their appointment.