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Technology Platforms­

Technology platforms at the Max Delbrück Center support established and front-end application of technologies, provide instrumentation and methodologies and are engaged in collaborative research projects and technology developments.

Driven by the demand of our scientific topics, and our new POF IV program, the portfolio of the technology platforms develops dynamically. For strategic and technology driven strategy, technology platforms are consulted by user committees, and the Scientific Infrastructure Board is responsible for the overall strategy integration.

Access to technologies and services is provided through OpenIRIS, enabling resource discovery and sharing. Pricing and collaboration conditions are communicated on the respective sites of the platforms.

Additional support is provided by the Research Data Management team with regard to data management, tools and FAIR principles.



Omics and Data Analysis

Disease Models

High-Throughput Technologies


Additional infrastructures on campus 

Executive Management

Dr. Jutta Steinkötter

+49 30 9406 2880



Nadine Ewald

+49 30 9406 2881


Project Management

Dr. Manuel Ehling

+49 30 9406 2886


Dr. Julia Haseleu

on parental leave


Scientific Infrastructure Board

Prof. Dr. Jan Philipp Junker
Prof. Dr. Matthias Selbach
Dr. Niccolo Zampieri



Brochure: "Technology Platforms"

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As of: May 2023