ECRC building

Clinical Research

Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC) of the MDC and Charité Berlin

From basic discoveries to clinical applications: The mission of the ECRC is to expand and strengthen interdisciplinary activities between basic and clinician/scientists as well as to shorten the pathway from discovery to clinical applications.

As a common structure established by the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) and the Charité Medical Faculty in Berlin, the ECRC integrates a critical mass of committed clinician/scientists and translational researchers in the research-driven environment on the MDC Campus in Berlin-Buch and offers excellent opportunities for education in translational research and the development of clinician scientist careers.

The ECRC creates proximity between basic and clinician scientists that greatly eases interactive communications. Furthermore, the ECRC provides extra funding for protected research time, which clinicians need to pursue demanding research. Access to excellent research infrastructure on the MDC campus facilitates complex clinical experiments with in-depth investigations on molecular pathogenesis and accelerates the generation of reliable results. 

Unique conditions for patient-oriented research and clinical studies comprise a special ward for such studies, a growing number of outpatient clinics, a GMP facility for cell therapies, and well-equipped research laboratories.

All of the above features add up to the ECRC as being the ideal place to begin and pursue an independent clinician scientist academic career.

Research Teams


Administration Manager

Dr. Regina Jünger
research building of the Charité
Lindenberger Weg 80
13125 Berlin
Phone:  +49 30 - 450 540011

Program Manager

Dr. Cornelia Maurer
Hermann von Helmholtz building (84)
Robert Roessle Str. 10
13125 Berlin
Room No. 1006
Phone:  +49 30 - 9406 3141

The ECRC is a common structure established by the MDC and the Charité Medical Faculty.