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Data protection declaration for applicants

Purpose of processing

The  personal  data  you  have  transferred  with  your  application  is  required  in  order  to  carry  out  the  application process and to determine whether we will offer you the position you have applied for and hire you on at our establishment.

If you have agreed therein that your application and your relevant data may also be considered for further  positions,  we  will  process  your  data  to  determine  whether  we  will  offer  you  position  other  than the one which you have applied for and hire you on at our establishment.

Duration of processing

In  general,  we  save  your  data  as  long  as  is  required  for  the  application  process.  If  you  have  only  applied for a specific position (and have not consented to the consideration of your application and related data for other positions) and receive a letter of refusal from us for the applicable position, we will  delete  your  data  no  later  than  6  months  after  you  have  received  the  letter  of  refusal  from  us  unless further storage is required for legal reasons.

If you accept our offer to be hired on as an employee at our establishment, we will save your data for the  duration  of  your  employment  relationship.  In  this  case,  you  will  be  provided  with  extensive  information regarding the processing of your data in connection with the employment relationship at the Max‐Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine as soon as you start your employment relationship with us.

Categories of recipients of your personal data

If you apply to us, we will not pass your data on to third parties. Only the employees of our company, who must view your data in connection with the application process, have access to your personal data, particularly the HR department and the decision makers from the technical department.

As soon as your data is required for the work of the lawyers working for us, we will pass your data on to them to the necessary extent.

Your Rights

Ihnen stehen  in  Bezug  auf  Datenverarbeitungen  bei  dem  Max‐Delbrück‐Centrum  für  Molekulare  Medizin folgende Rechte zu:

Right of access for the data concerning your person that we process (Art. 15 DSGVO [GDPR])

You  have  a  right  of  access  for  the  data  concerning  your  person  that  we  process  as  well  as  further  information in accordance with Art. 15 DSGVO, which is related to data processing. At request, we are happy  to  share  the  applicable  data  and  information  with  you  and  provide  you  with  a  copy  of  this  data.

Right to the rectification of data (Art. 16 DSGVO)

You have the right to the rectification of your data if your data is incorrect or – in consideration of the purposes of processing – incomplete.

Right to the rectification of data (Art. 17 DSGVO)

You have the right to erasure if data is no longer required, processing is illegitimate or in the event of other cases as per Art. 17 DSGVO. In these cases, we will promptly delete your data.

Right to the restriction of processing (Art. 18 DSGVO)

You  have  the  right  to  the  restriction  of  your  data  in  the  cases  described  in  Art.  18  DSGVO.  This  includes, among other things, the case that we process data at centres or to an extent, due to which data processing is no longer legally justified.

Furthermore, it may be the case that data is subject to a retention obligation and we are therefore not allowed to delete it without needing to take further action. In this case, we restrict processing to the  greatest  degree.  Restriction  generally  means  that  the  data  is  saved,  but  it  can  no  longer  be  accessed by employees.

Right to data portability (Art. 20 DSGVO)

The  right  to  so‐called  data  portability  makes  it  possible  for  you  to  receive  data  concerning  your  person, which you have provided us with, in the format prescribed by Art. 20 DSGVO and to have it transferred to you by us. However, the provision of this data excludes data that we obtain ourselves through processing (so‐called processing results).

Right to object to processing, which is based on Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. e, f DSGVO (Art. 21 DSGVO)

We  shall  discontinue  the  processing  performed  on  the  basis  of  Art.  6  para.  1  p.  1  lit.  e,  f  DSGVO  (performance of a task in connection with public authority/interest or processing to uphold legitimate interests) if you object to this and the objection is justified.

The right to not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing (Art. 22 DSGVO)

In the event of automated decision‐making, we will inform you in particular of the scope and intended effects of the processing of your data. You have the right to not be subjected to such a decision, which has a legal effect vis‐à‐vis you or has a similar substantial impact on you unless one of the reasons specified in Art. 22 para. 2 DSGVO is at hand.

You also have a right of appeal before the competent regulatory authority Berliner Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit (the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information), Friedrichstraße 219, 10696 Berlin.