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News in 2009

CONFERENCE: The ‘Berlin late Summer Meeting - From high-throughput to function’ is part of an annual series of meetings at the interface of experimental molecular biology and computational approaches.

This years meeting will focus on the translation of high throughput technologies and data to functional insights and models. Since the BIMSB has also launched its international PhD exchange program this year, the meeting will host at least 6 members of faculty from the Department of Biology from NYU. The meeting will maintain its characteristic open atmosphere, stimulating interdisciplinary exchange between experimental and theoretical as well as experienced and young scientists.

The Berlin late Summer Meeting took place on October 8 and 9, 2009 at the Max-Delbrück-Communications Centre (MDC.C), Campus Berlin-Buch.

October 2009



1-cell-stage embryos obtained by eFACS
Stoeckius M et al Nature Methods 2009

PUBLICATION: A rapid and efficient cell sorting method allows new insights into early animal embryogenesis - Close Collaboration between Max Delbrück Center and New York University

Ten thousand embryos - and counting

Ten thousand C. elegans embryos - collected at single-cell stage!

A technique to collect large numbers of worm embryos, all precisely the same age, has been developed in a collaborative approach of researchers at the MDC and NYU. This major new technique and subsequent transcriptional analysis are reported online this week in Nature Methods. The field is now open for detailed studies of early events during embryogenesis.


September 2009