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Student Seminar in Systems Biology at the MDC


Every second Friday, our students present their work and invite fellow students and scientific faculty to join the discussion.

The seminars take place on Fridays at 12:00 Berlin Time. BIMSB welcomes this Seminar as an opportunity to also invite scientists from other research institutions to join.


28 May

  • Leo Epstein, Harrington lab: "Detection and tracking to analyze endothelial migration and protein colocalization"
  • Julia Markowski, Schwarz lab: "Towards haplotype-specific chromatin contact maps from GAM"
  • Lisa Emmenegger, Rajewsky lab: ​​​​​"MicroRNAs function in viral infections: an optogenetic-based DICER perturbation"

7 May

  • Miriam Faxel (Zinzen lab):"Reconstruction of regulatory networks driving patterned expression in the Drosophila embryo based on spatially resolved single-cell sequencing data"
  • Simone Del Giudice (Landthaler lab): "Cellular interactions and transcriptional dynamics in cancer and invertebrate development"
  • Fearghal Donaghy (Haghverdi lab): "Fine-tuning RNA Velocity"

30 Apr 2021

  • Mirjam van Bentum (Selbach lab): "Profiling cellular signalling by targeted phoshoproteomics”
  • Iris Marchal (Tursun lab): "Characterization of the histone chaperone FACT as a safeguard of cellular identity in C. elegans"

 16 Apr 2021

  • Konstantinos Papadakis (Zinzen lab): "Conservation of neurogenic regulatory nodes from fly to mouse"
  • Robert Kerridge (Selbach lab): "Proteomic Analysis of Altered Translation in Autism Spectrum Disorder"
  • Safak Bayram (Kempa lab): "Tracing glutaminase-inhibitor resistance at atomic resolution"

19 Mar 2021 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Mariam Hammoud (Ohler lab): "Transcriptional regulatory dynamics during zebrafish embryonic development"
  • Stefan Stefanov (Meyer lab): "The advantages of full circRNA sequence knowledge in determining functional associations"
  • Artem Baranovskii (Chekulaeva lab): "mRNA stability as a determinant of mRNA's subcellular localization in neurons"

5 Mar 2021 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Erik Becher (Chekulaeva lab, BIMSB): "Modeling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: generating functional motoneurons from patient-derived stem cells"
  • Jonas Brandenburg (Landthaler lab, BIMSB): "Dynamics of gene regulatory element usage across early sea urchin development"
  • Dominika Vojtasova (Pombo lab, BIMSB): "Effects of Shank3 and sleep deprivation on genome architecture in the mouse hippocampus"

19 Feb 2021 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Teresa Melder (Selbach lab, MDC): Development of a Cellulose-based High-throughput Screen Targeting the Interaction Landscape of Pharmaceutical Compounds Applying Shotgun Proteomics
  • Remo Monti (Ohler lab, BIMSB): Identifying key metabolic regulators from large exome sequencing data using functionally informed kernel-based association tests

Jan 22 2021 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Lorena Sofia Lopez Zepeda (Ohler lab, BIMSB): TBA
  • Trendelina Rrustemi (Selbach lab, BIMSB): TBA
  • Robert Bücking (Meyer lab, BIMSB): Prediction of RNA-RNA interactions in phage infected bacteria

Feb 5 2021 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Jonas Peters (Landthaler lab, BIMSB): How individual eIF4F proteins shape the translation profile
  • Irene Mota Gomez Argente (Lupianez lab, BIMSB):3D-Chromatin dynamics during mammalian sex determination

Jan 22 2021 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Lorena Sofia Lopez Zepeda (Ohler lab, BIMSB):Understanding gene regulation using CRISPR Screens
  • Trendelina Rrustemi (Selbach lab, BIMSB):Investigating mutated phosphorylation sites within intrinsically disordered regions using a peptide based interaction screen
  • Robert Bücking (Meyer lab, BIMSB):Prediction of RNA-RNA interactions in phage infected bacteria

Jan 8 2021(Virtual Meeting)

  • Maria Stella de Biase (Schwarz lab, BIMSB): Nasal gene expression provides insights into smoking injury response and disease status



Dec 9 2020 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Nina Mitic (Junker lab, BIMSB): Adult neurogenesis in the zebrafish brain at single cell resolution
  • Chiara Anania (Lupianez lab, BIMSB): In vivo dissection of a multi-CTCF element reveals developmental principles of chromatin boundary function

Nov 13 2020 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Samantha Mendonsa (AG Chekulaeva)
  • Izabela Harabula (AG Pombo)

Oct 30 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Ismail Özcan (AG Tursun): Genetic Dissection of Direct Cellular Reprogramming in vivo
  • Nora Fresmann (AG Junker): Dissecting cell type composition and cell lineages in zebrafish models of neuroblastoma

Oct 16 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Che-Wei Hsu (AG Ohler)
  • Tzu-Ting Wei (AG Schwarz)
  • Nicolai von Kügelgen (AG Chekulaeva)

Sep 18 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Dominik Szabo (AG Pombo)
  • Anna Monaco (AG Zinzen)
  • Marina Petkovic (AG Schwarz)

Sept 4 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Haiyue Liu (AG Rajewsky)
  • Mareike Simon (AG Wolf)
  • Somesh Sai (AG Sauer)

July 24 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Martin Forbes (AG Kempa)
  • Gülkiz Baytek (AG Tursun lab)

June 26 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Seung Koon Kim (AG Rajewsky)
  • Thomas Sparks (AG Pombo lab)

June 12 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Ana Costa Veloso (AG Zinzen lab)
  • Aristotelis Misios (AG Rajewsky)

May 29 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Anna Vlot (AG Ohler)
  • Gulinuer Yimingjiang (AG Chekulaeva)

May 15 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Cledi Cerda-Jara (AG Rajewsky)
  • Friedrich Preußer (AG Preibisch)

Apr 17 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Gaurav Jumde (AG Junker)
  • Eelco Meerdink (AG Ohler)
  • Julia Markowski (AG Schwarz)

Apr 3 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Ella Bahry (AG Preibisch)
  • Martin Burkert (AG Ohler)

Mar 3

  • Carlos Vieira e Vieira (AG Selbach)
  • Anika Neuschulz (AG Junker)

Feb 21

  • Sayaka Dantsuji (AG Chekulaeva)
  • Jonathan Alles (AG Rajewsky)

Feb 7

  • Bo Hu (AG Junker)

Jan 24

  • Gesa Loof (AG Pombo)
  • Wai Yee (Vicky) Chung (AG Lupianez) 
  • Silvia Carvalho (AG Pombo) 

Jan 10

  • Liene Astica (AG Lupianez/Zinzen)
  • Karoline Holler (AG Junker)



Dec 13

  • Nida ul Fatima (AG Tursun)
  • Safak Bayram (AG Kempa) 

Nov 15

  • Stefan Stefanov (AG Meyer)
  • Remo Monti (AG Ohler)

Nov 1

  • Selman Bulut (AG Tursun)
  • Miriam van Bentum (AG Selbach)

Oct 18

  • Katarzyna Wreczycka (AG Akalin)
  • Peter Jonas (AG Landthaler)
  • Iris Marchal (AG Tursun)

Sept 6

  • Teresa Melder (AG Selbach)
  • Orsalia Hazapis (AG Landthaler-Ohler)
  • Lorena Lopez Zepeda (AG Ohler lab)

July 12

  • Nina Mitic (AG Junker)
  • Maria Stella de Biase (AG Schwarz) 
  • Irene Mota Gomez-Argente (AG Lupianez)

June 28

  • Roberto Arsie (AG Landthaler)

June 14

  • Ruben Lopes Pereira Abreu (AG Landthaler)
  • Jonas Brandenburg (Garfield lab, IRI Life Sciences)

May 17

  • Henriette Miko (AG Ohler)​
  • ​​Izabela Harabula (AG Pombo)
  • Chiara Anania (AG Lupianez)

Apr 18

  • Laura Breimann (AG Preibisch)
  • Gülkiz Baytek (AG Tursun)

Mar 22

  • Samantha Mendosa (AG Chekulaeva)
  • Ismail Özcan (AG Tursun)

Feb 8

  • Rieke Kempfer (AG Pombo)
  • Nicolai von Kügelgen (AG Chekulaeva)
  • Ana Christina Costa Veloso (AG Zinzen)

Jan 25

  • Aristotelis Misios (AG Rajewsky)
  • Martin Forbes (AG Kempa)
  • Thomas Sparks (AG Pombo)

Jan 11

  • Jonathan Fröhlich (AG Rajewsky) 
  • Ana Miguel Fernandes (AG Pombo)



Dec 14

  • Haiyue Liu (AG Rajewsky) 
  • Camilla Ciolli Mattioli (AG Chekulaeva)

Nov 30

  • Marco Uhrig (AG Rajewsky) 
  • Marwan Zouinkhi (AG Preibisch)

Nov 16

  • Tamas Sztanka-Toth (AG Rajewsky)
  • Seung Joon Kim (AG Rajewsky)
  • Friedrich Preußer (AG Preibisch)

Nov 2

  • Asija Diag (AG Rajewsky)
  • Jonathan Alles (AG Rajewsky)

Oct 5

  • Martin Burkert (AG Ohler)
  • Ulrike Zinnall (AG Landthaler)

Sept 7

  • Birte Arlt (AG Kempa)
  • Gulinuer Yimingjiang (AG Chekulaeva)
  • Oscar Arturo Migueles Lozano (AG Wolf)

July 27

  • Marina Petkovic (AG Schwarz)
  • Nida ul Fatima (AG Tursun)
  • Selman Bulut (AG Tursun)

July 6

  • Gesa Loof (AG Pombo)
  • Ella Bahry (AG Preibisch)

June 15

  • Bo Hu (AG Junker)
  • Carlos Vieira (AG Selbach)
  • Mareike Simon (AG Wolf)

June 1

  • Jonathan Ronen (AG Akalin)

May 18

  • Philipp Wahle (AG Zinzen)
  • Petar Glazar (AG N Rajewsky)

Apr 20

  • Julia Löffler (AG Kempa)
  • Lorena Sofia Lopez Zepeda (AG Ohler)
  • Alexander Gosdschan (AG Akalin/Tursun) 

Apr 6

  • Katarzyna Wreczycka (AG Akalin)
  • Roberto Arsie (AG Landthaler)

Mar 23

  • Karoline Holler (AG Junker)
  • Boris Bogdanow (AG Selbach)

Mar 9

  • Selman Bulut (AG Tursun)
  • Stella de Biase (AG Schwarz)
  • Jonas Peters (AG Landthaler)

Feb 28

  • Nicolai Kastelic (AG Landthaler)
  • Giulia Caglio (AG Pombo)

Feb 9

  • Alexander Glahs (AG Zinzen)
  • Marcel Schilling (AG N Rajewsky)

Jan 26

  • Henriette Miko (AG Ohler)
  • Gülkiz Baytek (AG Tursun & AG Mertins)
  • Orsalia Hazapis (AG Landthaler)