Flow Cytometry

Hans-Peter Rahn


Flow Cytometry is a technology to analyze and separate a population of cells into distinct and defined subsets, based on their specific light scattering and fluorescent characteristics of each individual cell.

Modern flow cytometers can continuously analyze many thousand cells per second in a liquid stream. Each single cell passes multiple laser beams and, depending on the fluorescent properties of the cell, emits specific signals which can be used to divide a population into specific subsets. This technology in combination with the capability to separate target cells through a electrical field are the basis of fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS a BD trademark). Cell sorters are able to enrich highly specific cells of particular interest for subsequent experiments such as molecular analysis or cellular differentiation.

The flow cytometry technology platform provides assistance in operating three flow cytometry analyzers (BD Fortessa, BD Symphony A3, Cytek Aurora) and four high-capacity digital cell sorters (BD Aria).


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