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Academia meets Industry

Academia Meets Industry: Postdoc Apprenticeship in Industry – Lessons learned & networking with biotech/pharma companies
7 MDC postdocs had the opportunity to join biotech and Pharma companies for a 3 months apprenticeship.
Join us for an afternoon of knowledge-sharing and professional networking with these postdocs and leading biotech and pharma companies.

What to Expect:

  • Interactive Session on Lessons Learned: Engage in a comprehensive discussion on the insights and experiences of postdocs who have successfully transitioned to the biotech and pharma industry.
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunity: Connect with top-tier biotech and pharma company representatives, and expand your professional network (Bayer, Pfizer, Inne, Treamids,).

Advice on Traineeships: Learn about the benefits of the Postdoc Apprenticeship Program (PARP), offering 2-3 months traineeships in a company of your choice.


Hannoversche Straße 28
Elsa Neumann Room 0.61
10115 Berlin