Berlin Science Week at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Berlin Diversithon

A Wikipedia edit-a-thon to improve the visibility of women and other groups underrepresented in the life sciences

We all use Wikipedia, so why not help it grow and become more diverse? By participating in our event, you can contribute to and improve Wikipedia. It is easy to learn and can be done from wherever you are.  Only 17-18% of biographies in English and German in Wikipedia are about women. Futhermore, there is also an underrepresentation of certain ethnicities and people of color in the life sciences in Wikipedia. Our Diversithon is looking to change this imbalance – and we need your support!

During Berlin Science Week, we invite everyone to participate in our science edit-a-thon. Come together and diversify the world’s largest encyclopedia! No experience in editing or writing Wikipedia entries is required. You will receive an introduction and support from experienced Wikipedians from the WomenEdit Group Berlin.

The event is a cooperation between the Max Delbrück Center and the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité, and organized by the Equal Opportunity Officers of the two institutions, Christiane Nolte and Karin Höhne. The keynote by Franziska Sattler-Morrison will be held in English, but the introduction into editing and the writing will be offered both in English and German. We are looking forward to your contributions!

Speakers: Franziska Sattler-Morrison, Karin Höhne, Christiane Nolte

Language: English, German

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Rahel Hirsch Center for Translational Medicine
Luisenstraße 65
10117 Berlin