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Career Day 2022

This Virtual Career Day will address key questions to make career decisions:

For early career scientists

• How can I have a successful career talk with my PI/supervisor?

• How do I find out what my team role is, what my competencies and strenghts are?

• How do I make the right career decision for me?

For PIs

• How can I prepare for a successful career talk with my early career scientists?

• How can I provide meaningful input to my early career scientists?

• What is my role in helping them decide on the next step?

Together, in this Career Day, we will get to know various expert-based approaches and useful tools to make comprehensive choices - allowing you to take your next steps.


Virtual Meeting





Step 1: Career Talks - Make the most of it

Panel discussion

Denise Chilton

Dr. Silvia Crosetto
(Postdoc, GFZ)

Prof. Dr. Annika Jahnke
(Research Group Leader, UFZ)

Prof. Michael Kühn
(Section Head, GFZ)

Markus Schleuning
(PhD, Representative of the DocTeam, HZB)


Digital Coffee Break



Step 2: Career fields, competencies and job roles – Discover potential
Natascha Eckert
(Global Head of University Relations at Siemens AG)


Lunch Break


Meet your Career Centers

The afternoon workshops start with an introduction and interview session of your Career Centers.

Facilitation: Dr. Gaby Schilling & Barbara Hoffbauer (KEPOS)


Step 3: Your career outside academia - Tips and tools for getting started

Parallel Workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Why would anybody hire me?
    Dr. Gaby Schilling
  • Workshop 2: Applications are nothing else but translations!
    Barbara Hoffbauer
  • Workshop 3: Providing Evidence for the Skills that stay with you 
    Tobias Maier

Workshop 4: CV Clinic
Dr. Susanne Gatti


Final words and Goodbye


Susanne Gatti, AWI,
Annett Hüttges, GFZ,
Christoph Scherfer, HZB,
Jean-Yves Tano, MDC,

Anne Mazuga, UFZ,