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Cooking for the microbiome

The human body is an ecosystem: trillions of microorganisms inhabit our gut, skin and all other exposed parts. Our microbial roommates, the microbiome, make crucial and nowadays finally slowly understood contributions to keeping us healthy. They help to digest food, produce vitamins, and train the immune system, but only as long as we keep them happy, for example through the right diet.

How does this work? Who inhabits us and why? Can we cook for a healthy microbiome? And how can we use microorganisms to cook?

Join us for an evening of Science meets Art-of-Cooking at “Pastamadre”, where scientists of the Max Delbrück Center join forces with fermentation artisans to bring you the latest from microbiome research, food chemistry and healthy eating. We talk, you cook, we eat and discuss together.

Cost: 35€, cooking workshop, dinner and drinks included.

Prior registration required


Pastamadre - Food Education
Groninger Str. 48
13347 Berlin