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Practical Course on GC-MS-based Metabolomics

Dear colleagues,

The BIH Metabolomics Platform invites you to join our practical course on gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)-based metabolomics hold on 11th to 13th of June 2024. The course is designed to provide a basic introduction to GC-MS and general metabolomics and is suitable for beginners to the field who are interested in collaborating with metabolomics experts to expand  their own research. In the wet-lab you will have the opportunity to prepare course-provided samples for GC-MS. In the dry-lab, an existing data set will be processed and analyzed by the group. The theoretical part of the course will cover basic theory on metabolomics and GC-MS.

At the end of the course, you should have

1.) a broad understanding of how to plan a metabolomics experiment to maximize interpretability,

2.) understand the complexity of metabolomics in general and the importance of setting clearly defined questions,

3.) understand the process of how samples are prepared, results processed and which factors may influence results and

4.) understand why quality assurance and quality control are important.

The course takes place at the BIH Metabolomics Platform (Käthe-Beutler-House) on Campus Buch. Further information are available at our homepage (


Campus Berlin-Buch
Lindenberger Weg 80
Seminar room, Käthe-Beutler-House
13125 Berlin




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