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Recruitment symposium for 2 Independent Junior Group Leader Positions in Computational and/or Experimental Medical Systems Biology

We are looking for new group leaders with background in experimental and/or computational medical systems biology. Twelve outstanding young scientists with diverse research interests will share their work and vision during a one-day recruitment symposium.


Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)
Hannoversche Straße 28
10115 Berlin




09:00     Ana Pombo & Nikolaus Rajewsky            

09:10     Teresa Krieger (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin)        
Transcriptional and spatial cellular heterogeneity in cancer

09:40     Markus Mittnenzweig (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Inferring temporal dynamics of embryonic tissues using cellular flows

10:10     Irma Querques (University of Zurich)    
CRISPR on the move: mechanisms and engineering of RNA-guided transposons

11:40     coffee break     

11:00     Ahilya Sawh (University of Basel)            
Chromosome acrobatics during embryonic development

11:30     Michael Ratz (KTH Stockholm)  
Next-generation clonal tracing of brain development with single-cell and spatial transcriptomics

12:00     Robert Ietswaart (Harvard, Boston)       
Machine learning to discover biology and therapeutics

12:30     lunch break       

13:30     Julia Frede (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)         
Defining divergent differentiation and epigenetic states underlying drug resistance in cancer

14:00     Evgenij Fiskin (Broad Institute Boston)  
Protein engineering and single-cell proteogenomics for the development of next-generation immunotherapies

14:30     Rasim Barutcu (University of Toronto)  
Systematic Mapping of Nuclear Domain‐RNA Associations to Discover Novel Regulatory Mechanisms

15:00     coffee break     

15:30     Winnie Wefelmeyer (King's College London)     
The emergence and plasticity of synapses at the axon initial segment

16:00     Barbara Grünwald  (University of Toronto)         
Divide & Conquer: Harnessing the Regional Ecosystems of Solid Tumors

16:30     Qiutan Yang (Friedrich-Miescher-Institute)        
Understanding organ development from tissue self-organization to inter-tissue crosstalk

17:00     Michael Robson (MPI for Molecular Genetics Berlin)            
Form meets function: Dissecting how 3D genome structure regulates genes

17:30     Ana Pombo & Markus Landthaler           
closing remarks


Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)