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Translational Approaches in Trophoblast Stem Cell Research and Pregnancy Health

We are delighted to invite you to join us at our international symposium on Stem Cell Biology and Pregnancy Research, bringing together leading experts in the field, and students to discuss groundbreaking advances and share insights in the field of pregnancy research and developmental biology.


Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)
Hannoversche Straße 28
R 0.61 Communication Room: Elsa Neumann
10115 Berlin




Symposium Schedule Highlights

Day 1 – Monday, 15.7.2024: Stem Cell Biology

10:30 – Welcome Address
10:40Keynote: Trophoblast subtypes and the etiology of preeclampsia by Prof. Berthold Huppertz
14:00Keynote: Cell fate epigenetics in early development by Prof. Jose Polo

Full programm: Day 1
Basic Science
TimeTitle of TalkSpeaker
10:30WelcomeDr Olivia Nonn
10:40KeynoteTrophoblast subtypes and the etiology of preeclampsiaProf Berthold Huppertz
11:10Differentiation pathways in early trophoblast developmentDr Sandra Haider
11:55Temporal effects of BMP4 on mouse embryonic and extraembryonic developmentDr Markus Mittnenzweig
12:30Lunch Break
14:00KeynoteCell fate epigenetics in early developmentProf Jose Polo
15:15Cell-segmentation free analysis of spatial transcriptomics dataDr Naveed Ishaque
15:45Student sessionMapping the Wnt pathway in mouse placental developmentGeorgia Wong

Characterization of TGFb signaling and mechanotransduction as potential inducers of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in human trophoblast cells

Sophia Mähr
Derivation of cynomolgus monkey induced trophoblast stem cells via fibroblast reprogramming Elly Deirdre Walters 
16:15Coffee break
16:50Student sessionSpatial proteomics – an insight into novel methodsJose Nimo
Trophoblast organoid snRNA-seq modelsSunhild Hartmann
17:10End Day 1

Day 2 – Tuesday, 16.7.2024: Clinical Translational Research in Pregnancy

10:10Cardio-Obstetrics - understanding the increased longterm cardiovascular risk in preeclamptic mothers by Prof. Ralf Dechend
11:30Keynote: Clinical trials evaluating drugs to treat preeclampsia: moving beyond small molecules by Prof. Stephen Tong

Full programm: Day 2
Clinical Translational Research in Pregnancy

TimeTitle of TalkSpeaker
10:10Cardio-Obstetrics - understanding the increased longterm cardiovascular risk in preeclamptic mothersProf. Ralf Dechend
10:30Multi-omics approaches in preeclampsia and placenta researchDr Olivia Nonn
10:50The endothelium as a target for intervention in pregnancies complicated by placenta originated disordersProf Tanja Groten
11:20Break 10min
11:30KeynoteClinical trials evaluating drugs to treat preeclampsia: moving beyond small moleculesProf Stephen Tong
12:30Lunch Break
14:00Biomarker discovery for pregnancy complicationsProf Tu’uhevaha Kaitu’u-Lino
14:30Pregnancy therapeutic developmentProf Natalie Hannan

Prenatal Diagnostic of Preeclampsia by PUFA-Metabolites

Dr Florian Herse
15:30HyperDiP – a translational study in pregnancyDr Nadine Haase + Dr Pilar Palmrich
16:00Coffee Break
16:30PreFree -  Preeclampsia prediction and remote monitoringProf Verlohren / Dr Hackelöer
17:00Student sessionSmoking in pregancy - a muti-omics study in early pregnancyDaniela Valdes
THBS1 and CST6 as biomarkers in preeclampsiaStefan Botha

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Prof. Stephen Tong
Prof. Tong is a clinician-scientist and specialist obstetrician at The Mercy Hospital for Women and The University of Melbourne. He is renowned for his translational research in developing new diagnostics and treatments for pregnancy complications such as ectopic pregnancy and preeclampsia. Prof. Tong's work has led to numerous international clinical trials, and he has published over 180 papers in top-tier journals including Lancet and Nature Communications.

Prof. Jose Polo
Dr. Polo is a leading epigeneticist at Monash University, exploring the transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that govern pluripotency and reprogramming of somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. 

His pioneering research has significant implications for regenerative medicine and therapeutic developments, which has been published in high-impact journals such as Cell and Nature

Prof. Polo has a rich academic background, having conducted groundbreaking research at Harvard University before joining Monash.

Prof. Berthold Huppertz:
Berthold Huppertz, a cell biologist and specialised anatomist and former director of one of Europe's largest clinical biobank, is a researcher with a strong focus on the human placenta and the pregnancy diseases pre-eclampsia and pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction. The more than 240 publications with over 16,000 citations, both in the Placenta as well as in the biobanking field, with particular focus in understanding the pathophysiology of serious pregnancy complications and women's future health risks, make Prof Huppertz a widely recognised and respected placentologist.