Research Data Management

Collection of funders policy and guidelines

The requirements for the retention and preservation of research of the top funders

Funder What?  How long?  Starting when?  Where?  License?
Horizon Europe Data required to verify published results and indicated in DMP (required)5. Not mentioned. As early as possible, at the latest upon publication of the related results.5 Trustworthy repository of choice. If required, repository must be federated in the EOSC in compliance with EOSC requirements5 CC0 or CC-BY (or equivalent) for data. CC0 or equivalent license for metadata.5
Horizon 2020 Results of experiments, surveys, statistics, images, measurements, observations, etc. and the associated metadata1 Not mentioned. Immediately Subject-based/thematic, institutional or centralised repositories are accepted. Info about repos at: re3data or databib.1 CC BY or CC0 or consult b2share
European Research Council (ERC) Research data, specific software, code and the associated metadata1 Not mentioned. As soon as possible2  Not defined.   CC BY or CC0 or consult b2share
DFG Measurement data, laboratory values, audiovisual information,
texts, survey, software, etc. 
Ten years4  As soon as possible.4 Subject-based/thematic,  repositories reviewed at: re3data or RIsources.4 -
BMBF The requirements differ depending on the call for proposals, so please look at each one carefully.  Depending on the call, but DFG guidelines for good scientific practice stipulating 10 years apply. As soon as possible but depending on the call. Repository. Depending on the call. -
Helmholtz to be updated to be updated to be updated to be updated to be updated
NIH  Research tools, resources, samples, materials, model organisms, genomic data.3,* Not mentioned. No later than the acceptance for publication of the main findings from the final data set3 Examples of frequently used repositories for human genomic data: HERE Non-exclusive license or exclusive license that ensures availablility to the academic research community on reasonable terms.

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*NIH defined that: "Scientific data does not include laboratory notebooks, preliminary analyses, completed case report forms, drafts of scientific papers, plans for future research, peer reviews, communications with colleagues, or physical objects such as laboratory specimens."

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All forms and guidelines are available in the main listing. The list can be sorted according to programme and purpose. 

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