Long-term observation of the frequency of secondary colorectal cancer and other malignancies in tyrosine kinase inhibitor treated chronic myeloid leukemia patients and controls


  • N. Winkelmann
  • M. Schwarz
  • B. Hildebrandt
  • O. Henke
  • L. Bullinger
  • I.K. Na
  • S. Stintzing
  • P. le Coutre


  • eJHaem: The Official Journal of the British Society for Haematology


  • eJHaem 3 (3): 949-953


  • In this analysis, we examined the risk of secondary malignancies for tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) therapy in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients. We also collected data on specific risk factors for colorectal cancer. Ninety-one patients with CML and 76 controls were included and in total 4 (4.4%) secondary malignancies were found in patients and 8 (10.5%) in controls. The risk for secondary malignancies was not significantly elevated for CML patients (p = 0.141). Two (2.2%) CML patients developed colorectal cancer compared to 4 (5.3%) in the reference group. A higher risk for CML patients for colorectal cancer could not be found (p = 0.414).