mRNA interactome capture in mammalian cells


  • N. Kastelic
  • M. Landthaler


  • Methods


  • Methods 126: 38-43


  • Throughout their entire life cycle, mRNAs are associated with RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), forming ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes with highly dynamic compositions. Their interplay is one key to control gene regulatory mechanisms from mRNA synthesis to decay. To assay the global scope of RNA-protein interactions, we and others have published a method combining crosslinking with highly stringent oligo(dT) affinity purification to enrich proteins associated with polyadenylated RNA (poly(A)+ RNA). Identification of the poly(A)+ RNA-bound proteome (also: mRNA interactome capture) has by now been applied to a diversity of cell lines and model organisms, uncovering comprehensive repertoires of RBPs and hundreds of novel RBP candidates. In addition to determining the RBP catalog in a given biological system, mRNA interactome capture allows the examination of changes in protein-mRNA interactions in response to internal and external stimuli, altered cellular programs and disease.