PhD Exchange Program

Systems biology combines molecular biology, biochemistry, computational sciences, mathematics and physics to quantitatively capture and predict complex processes of life. The MDC-NYU PhD Exchange program was launched in 2009 to train the next generation of systems biologists. Ten BIMSB PhD students are able to to spend up to two years working and studying at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at New York University. Students can also take advantage of our state of the art technology platforms and a training programme of specialist courses and personal development opportunities. BIMSB and NYU Biology are committed to sharing their scientific and educational expertise with their respective student bodies.




  Student Profiles





BIMSB and MDC Faculty



Altuna Akalin     Scientific Bioinformatic Platform

Marina Chekulaeva     Non-coding RNAs and Mechanisms of Cytoplasmic Gene Regulation

Jan Philipp Junker    Quantitative Biology of Developmental Pattern Formation

Stefan Kempa     Integrative Proteomics and Metabolomics Platform

Markus Landthaler    RNA Biology and Posttranscriptional Regulation

Christoph Lippert (from 1 July 2017)

Dario Lupianez (from 1 September 2017)

Irmtraud Meyer    Bioinformatics of RNA Structure and Transcriptome Regulation

Uwe Ohler    Computational Regulatory Genomics

Ana Pombo   Epigenetic Regulation and Chromatin Architecture

Stephan Preibisch    Microscopy, Image Analysis and Mdeling of Developing Organisms

Nikolaus Rajewsky    Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements

Sascha Sauer     Scientific Genomics Platform

Matthias Selbach    Cell Signalling and Mass Spectrometry

Baris Tursun    Gene Regulation and Cell Fate Decision in C. elegans

Jana Wolf    Mathematical Modelling of Cellular Processes

Robert Zinzen    Systems Biology of Neuronal Tissue Differentiation


NYU Faculty



Justin Blau   Transcriptional Regulation in Circadian Pacemaker Neurons

Richard Bonneau    Network Inference and Protein Structure Design and Prediction

Lionel Christiaen   Gene Network Models for Heart and Skeletal Muscle Development

Claude Desplan     Stochastic Mechanisms and Evolution of Development

Sevinc Ercan   Regulation of Transcription by Chromatin Structure

David Fitch   Gene-Interaction Networks Regulating Sexually Dimorphic Morphogenesis & its Evolution

David Gresham     Systems Biology of Cell Growth and RNA Degradation

Kris Gunsalus     Developmental Systems Biology

Andreas Hochwagen   Chromosome Organization and Repetitive DNA

Fei Li     Chromatin Organization and Epigenetics

Esteban Mazzoni   Neural Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells

Fabio Piano    Systems Biology and Evolution of Embryogenesis

Christine Rushlow   Transcriptional Programming in Fly Development

Mark Siegal    Robustness and Evolution of Complex Phenotypes

Stephen Small   Transcriptional Networks in Developmental Patterning

Christine Vogel    Proteomics and Regulation of Protein Expression