Diseases of the Nervous System

The nervous system is fundamental to the body’s ability to maintain itself, to sense the environment, to move and react to stimuli, and to generate and control behavior.

Neuroscience researchers at the MDC work on understanding these processes on a cellular and molecular level. The themes covered include ion channels, interactions between neuronal and glial cells, somatosensory circuits, neurodegeneration, and muscle formation and function.

Figure: Florian Hetsch

We explore different fields to answer these questions, from developmental and cell biology to behavioral science, using a variety of techniques such as model organisms, electrophysiology or proteomics.

Diseases of the nervous system constitute an ever-greater medical problem, as they are increasing in frequency parallel to the altered age-structure of the population. By understanding normal and pathophysiological processes in the nervous system, we are working on the long-term development of new approaches for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.



Prof. Dr. Carmen Birchmeier-Kohler


Research Groups

Developmental Biology / Signal Transduction

Prof. Dr. Carmen Birchmeier-Kohler


Molecular Pathways in Cortical Development

Dr. Annette Hammes-Lewin
(Permanent Fellow)


Cellular Neurosciences

Prof. Dr. Helmut Kettenmann


Developmental Neurobiology

Prof. Dr. Fritz Rathjen


Synaptic transmission and plasticity

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Schmitz