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Transparency initiative

Animal experiments are controversially discussed - all the more important it is to communicate about them in a fact-based, open and honest manner. True to this attitude, the Max Delbrück Center joins the initiative "Transparente Tierversuche" as one of more than 50 first signatory institutions.

Max Delbrück Center as first signatory to the initiative „Transparente Tierversuche“

The information platform "Tierversuche verstehen" and the German Research Foundation (DFG) launched the initiative. In it, research institutions with a life science orientation declare that they will provide transparent information about animal experiments, actively shape the public dialogue about research involving animal experiments, and exchange experiences and publicise activities among themselves.

Transparency Agreement for Transparent Information and Open Communication about Animal Research in Germany (PDF)

The more than 50 initial signatories include non-university research institutions such as the Max Delbrück Center as well as universities, clinics, research-based companies, professional societies and funding organisations. The list of signatories is available on the initiative's website. The initiative follows similar activities in other European countries, such as the UK, France and Spain.

Thomas Sommer, the Max Delbrück Center Scientific Director (interim) in his statement on the launch of the Transparency Initiative:

"Transparent communication has been important to us at the MDC for many years and so it was a matter of course that we join the Transparency Initiative. We tell the public what we are doing, how we are doing it and why we are doing it. Our aim is to make the social debates more objective. I am convinced that understanding for scientific work and trust in biomedical research can only come about in social dialogue and only through the greatest possible transparency."