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Daniel Mucida: Mechanisms of immune activity & tolerance in intestinal mucosa

Daniel Mucida (Rockefeller University, HHMI, New York City)

"Mechanisms of immune activity & tolerance in intestinal mucosa"

Prof. Michela Di Virgilio

Daniel Mucida, PhD. is Professor at Rockefeller University, NY, USA and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator. He is head of the laboratory of Mucosal Immunology. Prof. Mucida’s research is focused on the intestinal tissue which is continuously exposed to large amounts of microbe– and food–derived molecules that can stimulate immune responses. The Mucida lab studies how the intestine generates protective responses against invading pathogens (resistance) while absorbing beneficial microbe– and food–derived molecules (tolerance). Several cellular and molecular mechanisms exist to ensure robust tolerance induction in the mucosal surfaces, and disruption of such processes often leads to severe chronic inflammatory pathologies such as colitis, Celiac disease and food allergies, and colorectal cancer.
Besides his studies on mucosal immunology, Prof. Mucida is also highly invested in addressing climate change. You can find a recent piece in Nature Immunology here.

The event will take place on Campus Buch at Axon II. A Zoom link can be provided only for off-Campus people.


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Topic 3: Integrative Biomedicine