Berliner Institut für Medizinische Systembiologie (MDC-BIMSB)


BIMSB Moved to the Centre of Berlin

Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)
Hannoversche Str. 28,
10115 Berlin
Telephon: +49 30 9406-1300

In spring 2019, BIMSB scientists moved from MDC’s research infrastructure at the Campus in Berlin-Buch to the centre of Berlin (Hannoversche Straße 28). The building is entirely new and located on the central historical Campus of the Humboldt University. This new research site represents the first institutional and infrastructural expansion of the MDC into the centre of Berlin, supporting even closer interactions with major academic and medical institutions in the city and region.

The design for the new BIMSB building has been selected through an architectural competition and is perfectly integrated into the given setting at the Humboldt Campus Nord. It provides space for up to 25 research groups, approximately half experimental and half computational offering 5400 sqm of laboratory and office space. The building hosts high-tech-labs, state-of-art technology platforms, flexible workspaces and communication areas, that further promote innovative and interdisciplinary research.


After the site had been handed over to the MDC in November 2014, construction started in February 2015. Following clearance of the site, ground testing and construction of the passage to and from Hannoversche Straße, deep ground work and excavation took place in spring 2015.

The pouring of the concrete marked the completion of the second phase of construction. This was celebrated at the official dedication of the building on December 15, 2016, with the architects and representatives of the MDC, partner institutes, and the City of Berlin attending. 

The building was inaugurated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in February 26, 2019. 


With public transport

  • Bus: 142 (Torstr./Oranienburger Tor)
  • Underground train: U6 (Oranienburger Tor)
  • S-Bahn city train: S1, S2, S25 (Nordbahnhof or Oranienburger Str.)
  • Tram: M12, M5 (Torstr./Oranienburger Tor)
  • By rail: via Hauptbahnhof

With car

  • parking at the street (2€/h)
  • underground garage is nearby (2€/h)



Berlin Summer Meeting 2019

19 - 21.9.2019

Our 12th Berlin Summer Meeting is scheduled from September 19 to 21, 2019. Save the date.

Berlin Summer Meeting 2019: Methods, Models & Myths: From Machine Learning to Biomedical Understanding, 19-21 Sept, Berlin

Past Events

Systems Biology Lectures

Summer Semester 2019

Scientific colleagues come together to present lectures on the topic of Systems Biology. All are welcome to attend.

Systems Biology Lectures - Summer Semester 2019

Student Seminar in Systems Biology at the MDC


Every second Friday, our students present their work and invite fellow students and scientific faculty to join the discussion. The seminars take place at 12:00 in BIMSB and all are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Seminars


May 17

  • Henriette Miko (AG Ohler)​
  • ​​Izabela Harabula (AG Pombo)
  • Chiara Anania (AG Lupianez)

Apr 18

  • Laura Breimann (AG Preibisch)
  • Gülkiz Baytek (AG Tursun)

Mar 22

  • Samantha Mendosa (AG Chekulaeva)
  • Ismail Özcan (AG Tursun)

Feb 8

  • Rieke Kempfer (AG Pombo)
  • Nicolai von Kügelgen (AG Chekulaeva)
  • Ana Christina Costa Veloso (AG Zinzen)

Jan 25

  • Aristotelis Misios (AG Rajewsky)
  • Martin Forbes (AG Kempa)
  • Thomas Sparks (AG Pombo)

Jan 11

  • Jonathan Fröhlich (AG Rajewsky) 
  • Ana Miguel Fernandes (AG Pombo)
Symposia, Workshops, Summer Schools etc.


Upcoming Events

Past Events


May 6-7
LifeTime Opening Conference

May 12 - 14
Cell Symposia Regulatory RNAs


June 28 - 29
IRI Lifesciences Symposium

May 23-25
Computational Genomics Course


Nov 14
Model Systems, Organoids and the Human Cell Atlas 

Sep 25-29
Summer School - Poster
Computational Genomics and RNA Biology

Jul 05 & 10
Summer Special - Poster
Michael Elowitz, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA

Mar 07
Presentation and Workshop - Program
BIMSB/BIH Genomics Platform

Feb 24
Symposium - Program
Student Symposium in Systems Biology

BIMSB Seminar Series


The aim of the BIMSB Seminar Series is to share and discuss the latest results and developments in Systems Biology. It features both scientists from BIMSB as well as guests from around the world.

Seminar series

Upcoming Events

June 4
Erik van Nimwegen, Biozentrum, University of Basel

Past Events

March 12
Abderrahman Khila​​​​​​, Institute Genomics Functional De Lyon

Distiguished Speakers

Each year, around four world-leading scientists are invited to give special Distinguished Speaker lectures.The seminar takes place on Tuesdays, 2 pm at BIMSB. We cordially invite everybody interested to join this event. No registration is required.

BIMSB Guest Speakers


This event brings together researchers in the field of Medical Systems Biology. The periodic events are an occasion where invited speakers provide us with updates on recent developments from both Germany and abroad. All members of the campus are welcome to join!

Upcoming Seminars

June 3
Alexander Hoffmann from the University of California, Los Angeles   

June 5
Manuel Irimia from the the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG Barcelona)

Past Seminars

March 7
Michael Kaminski, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

August 28
Tineke Lenstra, the Netherlands Cancer Institute

August 31
Peter Kharchenko, the Department of Biomedical Informatics of the Harvard Medical School 

April 1
Jeremy E. Wilusz, Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine