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Introducing our strategy

Our mission is to transform tomorrow’s medicine through our discoveries of today. We strive to deepen our understanding of biological mechanisms to develop innovative solutions that improve human health.
We have the capacity to unlock the many secrets of biology and, through this process, revolutionize healthcare for people around the world.
Portrait Maike Sander
Maike Sander Scientific Director

At the core of our mission is our passion for scientific discovery. Through our academic, clinical, and industrial partnerships, we aspire to transform our biological discoveries into clinical applications that detect, treat, and ultimately prevent disease. We harness interdisciplinary collaboration to decipher the complexities of disease at the systems level – from molecules and cells to organs and the entire organism. Our goal is to create a healthier future through sustainable research in an environment that inspires and nurtures diverse talent.

Our Science

Our research explores the complex interactions within human biology to better understand health and disease. To gain novel insights we adopt an interdisciplinary strategy, integrating experimental and clinical data to pinpoint disease mechanisms. By leveraging innovative experimental approaches and data science, we aspire to advance our understanding of the causes of complex diseases. This holistic approach is poised to catalyze new methods for detecting, treating, and ultimately preventing disease.

Our Impact

To advance systems medicine, we will increase our innovative collaborations and create synergies across scientific fields. As our goal is the expedited development of clinical applications, in partnership with clinician scientists and industry, we are commited to fostering a research culture that transcends disciplinary boundaries and champions team science. To further our mission, we will intensify our active engagement with the public and policymakers and increase our global sphere of influence.

Our Community

The Max Delbrück Center is committed to fostering an environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, diversity of thought, and openness to experimentation. This supportive culture encourages joint problem solving and recognizes that we can learn from failure. Emphasizing inclusivity will enrich our community’s academic and social fabric. In addition, transforming campus Berlin-Buch into a modern, interactive, and lively campus underscores our commitment to community engagement, scientific excellence, and sustainability.

Our People

Attracting the best talent is pivotal for our success. That means creating a welcoming and nurturing environment, in which everyone can thrive. We will augment the support for early-career scientists and expand professional growth opportunities for all of our staff. We must also embrace and expand the diversity of our community. Everyone should feel they belong at the Max Delbrück Center.

Our Organization

The pursuit of scientific excellence requires a commitment to organizational efficiencies, continual process improvement, transparent decision-making, and the development of effective leadership at all levels. In this spirit, the Max Delbrück Center has embarked upon a process improvement plan to establish benchmarks that will measure our success. To this end, we aspire to a culture within which leadership is developed, feedback is embraced, and sustainability is paramount. Furthermore, we are committed to the most transparent and reproducible research standards, open science, and a revision of research assessment. These measures will assure our long-term success and impact.

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