Joint Summer School „Epigenetics in Single Cells“

Today, a variety and of illnesses, behaviors and health states are linked to epigenetic mechanisms including most types of cancer, cognitive dysfunction and cardiovascular illnesses. One of the emerging and most innovative strategies in this field of research is the analysis of chromatin profiles on a single cells level. For the first time, researchers can appreciate the cellular heterogeneity within tissues which opens new avenues for understanding differentiation processes and cell fate decisions. Leading experts in epigenetics and systems medicine will train students with computational, biological and medical background in latest technological developments, experimental design and special computational challenges in the field of single cell epigenetics research.

The International Summer School “Epigenetics in single cells – mechanisms and applications” will be organised by the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology at the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine (BIMSB) and the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS) in London. Students from both computational and experimental disciplines will be introduced to the emerging field of single cell biology, focusing on projects in genomics technologies and their application in clinical sciences.

The interdisciplinary course will consist of alternating lectures, practical training, presentations, hands-on experimentation, computational training and scientific discussions, which will allow students to reflect and work on their own research, so as to support an effective integration of Systems Medicine approaches into their scientific activities.


Application deadline: 15 February 2019

The course is limited to 20 participants who will be selected by the scientific committee.


The course is funded by the BMBF. We provide accommodation, course material and food and beverages throughout the course. Travel has to be organized individually and will be supported with 300 EUR.


Berlin / London




The summer school is hosted by the MDC Berlin from 3-6 April 2019 and by the MRC LMS from 8-10 April 2019. The 7th April 2019 is dedicated for travelling.

Part 1 – “Emerging mechanisms and methods in epigenetic research”

hosted by BIMSB (Berlin)

4 April 2019: DNA & Chromatin regulation
5 April 2019: RNA mechanisms
6 April 2019: 3D chromatin folding

7 April 2019: travelling

Part 2 – “Epigenetics in development and disease”

hosted by the MRC LMS (London)

8 April 2019: Developmental Epigenetics & Chromatin Biochemistry
9 April 2019: Genome Organisation & Single Cell and Single Molecule Approaches
10 April 2019: Computational Analysis and Challenges


Ana Pombo & Nikolaus Rajewsky (BIMSB)
Amanda Fisher, Petra Hajkova & Matthias Merkenschlager (MRC LMS)