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9th European Synapse Meeting

The ESM was established to strengthen the bonds within the European synapse community. It was first held in Bordeaux in 2007 and successfully continued at different European locations. The 9th ESM will be hosted by Campus Buch, home to the Leibniz-Forschungs-institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) and the Max Delbrück Center (MDC).

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Campus Berlin-Buch
Robert-Rössle-Straße 10
Max Delbrück Communications Center
13125 Berlin


Campus Plan


May 2

​08.00 am   Registration
09.00 am   Welcome

Session: Biology of synaptic diseases

09.30 am   Peter Scheiffele
10.05 am   Susanne Wegmann

10.40 am   Coffee Break

Session: Homeostasis in the nervous system

11.00 am   Natalia Kononenko
11.35 am   Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou

12.10 pm   Lunch Break

01.30 pm   Alexander Walter
02.05 pm   Michela Matteoli
02.40 pm   Susana Louros
03.15 pm   Selected Talk
03.35 pm   Coffee Break

04.00 pm   Keynote - Kang Shen

05.00 pm   Poster Session

May 3

Session: Synaptic dynamics in development and behavior

09.00 am   Gaia Novarino
09.35 am   Laura Andreae
10.10 am   Robin Hiesinger

10.45 am   Coffee Break

11.00 am   Stephan Sigrist
11.35 am   David DiGregorio

12.10 pm   Lunch Break

Session: The molecular synapse

01.30 pm   Joris De Wit
02.05 pm   Zoltan Nusser
02.40 pm   Selected Talk
03.00 pm   Selected Talk

03.20 pm   Coffee Break

03.40 pm   Speed-Dating with the invited Speakers
05.30 pm   Keynote - Inna Slutsky

May 4

Session: Advanced imaging approaches for synaptic biology

09.00 am   Ilaria Testa
09.35 am   Johannes Broichhagen
10.10 am   Silvio Rizzoli
10.45 am   Selected Talk

11.05 am   Coffee Break

Session: Synaptic physiology

11.25 am   Stefan Hallermann
12.00 pm   Nelson Rebula


Noa Lipstein (FMP)

Volker Haucke (FMP)

David Owald (Charité)

Hanna Hörnberg (MDC)