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Chao Sun: Synaptic Machinery for Molecular Homeostasis

An individual neuron hosts about 10000 synapses in its expansive dendritic and axonal arbor. To support parallel information processing, major cell-biological machineries are decentralized to individual synapses. We find that the synaptic toolbox of protein machinery for local homeostasis varies greatly from synapse to synapse. We have so far characterized this heterogeneity for the local protein-synthesis capacity, the local protein degradation capacity, and, recently, for local ion handling at synapses. These insights are based on quantitative, in situ single-molecule localization, which also identified free proteasome regulatory particles as a distinct regulator of synaptic transmission independent of its partner-in-crime, the proteasome catalytic particles.

Dr. Chao Sun is a former postdoc from Erin Schuman lab, he recently started his group at Aarhus University, Denmark. Chao’s lab uses single-protein resolution microscopy and subcellular proteomics to investigate the key protein machinery of the synapse. 

For more information, please see the lab website: https://www.synaptic-logistics-lab.com/


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