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Johannes Huppa: Understanding & engineering T-cell antigen recognition - for the benefit of the patient"

Johannes Huppa is currently an associate professor at the Medical University Vienna. He has a call for the Professorship of Tumor Immunology at the Charité. Johannes Huppa is interested in the signaling properties of TCR and CAR-equipped T cells and architecture of the synapse. He is an imaging specialist (microscopic imaging, at single molecule resolution and now even in 3D). For more information, please see his weblink (https://www.meduniwien.ac.at/hp/hai/forschung/molekulare-immunologie/huppa-lab/).

The talk is organized as a hybrid event:

Meeting ID:       993 7537 2050
Passcode:           406340


Hannoversche Straße 28
Room Elsa Neumann | (R 0.61)
10115 Berlin