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Nature journals meet Berlin life sciences

Publishing in prestigious journals is one of the most important, yet highly mysterious processes in science. Many myths exist about how to get a paper published in so called high impact journals. In this event we bring together editors from leading journals of the Nature press family with the Berlin life science community. Please register and join us if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Are you interested in publishing in high impact journals?
  • Would you like to receive tips & tricks from the editor’s perspective?
  • Do you want to meet the editor of your favourite journal in person?
  • Are interested in the job of an editor as a potential career trajectory?

This is an in person event only on 16th of April at the BIMSB-MDC in Berlin Mitte so please register as early as possible

If you are a student,PhD student or postdoc and would like to participate in the onsite workshop about publishing, please apply during registration by providing a brief summary of your motivation to join the workshop. This course is limited to 20 participants onsite.

If you are a senior scientist, clinician scientist, group leader or professor and would like to meet with one of the editors of the following journals, please indicate your interest in the registration and we will arrange the meeting for (limited capacities of the editors)

Participating journals: Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine, Nature Cancer, Nature Biomedical Engineering, Genome Medicine, Nature Aging, Nature Mental Health, Nature Reviews journals.


Hannoversche Straße 28
Elsa Neumann Room 0.61
10115 Berlin




9:30      Welcome: Simon Haas & Michael Fletcher 

9:40      Short talks from Nature editors - 5 min per talk

Eytan Zlotorynski - Nat Rev Molecular & Cell Biology Sadra Bakhshandeh - Nat Rev Bioengineering Ulrike Harjes - Nat Medicine

Gabrielle Brewer - Nat Rev Cancer 

Ioanna Pavlaki - Nat Cancer

Filipe Almeida - Nature Biomedical Engineering Chiara Anania - Nat Genetics

Gabriele Alfarano - Genome Medicine

Hannah Walters - Nat Aging

Ioannis Bakogiannis - Nat Mental Health

10:30   Questions & Answers

10:45   Editor as a job - a Nature perspective

11:15   Snacks & Drinks – networking

11:45   Meet your favorite editor, details will be communicated individually

12:00   “Writing a good title and abstract” Workshop for PhD students & postdocs, 45min