Metabolic Phenotyping

In vivo recording of metabolic parameters


Metabolic parameters such as blood glucose and blood pressure can be monitored in vivo by implanted transmitters. In addition, we recently established a special cage system called PhenoMaster (TSE Systems) for the simultaneous recording of energy expenditure, respiratory exchange ratio, body temperature, locomotor acticity as well as food and water intake of freely moving animals. This modern system provides a comprehensive metabolic and behavioral phenotyping of single mice to study the function of a gene of interest in vivo.




NeuroLoggers (TSE Systems) are very lightweight, small sensors that can be implanted into mice to allow wireless recording of electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG) and locomotion in freely moving animals over a time period of up to 4 days. Currently, we are using this technique to investigate the role of transcription factor BSX in the regulation of the sleep/wake cycle. A typical pattern of sleep and wake state of wild type mice is shown here: