Adaptive numerical simulation of intracellular calcium dynamics using domain decomposition methods


  • C. Nagaiah
  • S. Ruediger
  • G. Warnecke
  • M. Falcke


  • Applied Numerical Mathematics


  • Appl Numer Math 58 (11): 1658-1674


  • In this paper we present adaptive numerical simulations of intracellular calcium dynamics using domain decomposition methods. The modeling of diffusion, binding and membrane transport of calcium ions in cells leads to a system of reaction-diffusions equations. We describe the modulation of cytosolic and ER calcium concentration close to the membrane of the cell organelle. This leads to a two-dimensional model. Local grid refinement is adjusted to the strongly local effects of the calcium dynamics. A finite element method is used for spatial discretization and a Rosenbrock solver for time integration which is third-order accurate and very suitable for nonlinear parabolic problems. We present sequential and parallelized numerical results. The latter are based on domain decomposition methods.