The asymmetric exclusion model with sequential update


  • N. Rajewsky
  • A. Schadschneider
  • M. Schreckenberg


  • Journal of Physics A


  • J Phys A Math Gen 29 (12): L305-L309


  • We present a solution for the stationary state of an asymmetric exclusion model with sequential update and open boundary conditions. We solve the model exactly for random hopping in both directions by applying a matrix-product formalism which was recently used to solve the model with sublattice-parallel update (Hinrichsen H 1995 Weizmann Inst. Preprint cond-mat/9512172). It is shown that the matrix-algebra describing the sequential update and sublattice-parallel update are identical and can be mapped onto the random sequential case treated by Derrida et al (Derrida B, Evans M R, Hakim V and Pasquier V 1993 J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 26 1493).