The asymmetric exclusion process: Comparison of update procedures


  • N. Rajewsky
  • L. Santen
  • A. Schadschneider
  • M. Schreckenberg


  • Journal of Statistical Physics


  • J Stat Phys 92 (1-2): 151-194


  • The asymmetric exclusion process (ASEP) has attracted a lot of interest not only because of its many applications, e.g., in the context of the kinetics of biopolymerization and traffic flow theory, but also because it is a paradigmatic model for nonequilibrium systems. Here we study the ASEP for different types of updates, namely random-sequential, sequential, sublattice-parallel, and parallel. In order to compare the effects of the different update procedures on the properties of the stationary state, we use large-scale Monte Carlo simulations and analytical methods, especially the so-called matrix-product Ansatz (MPA). We present in detail the exact solution for the model with sublattice-parallel and sequential updates using the MPA. For the case of parallel update, which is important for applications like traffic flow theory, we determine the phase diagram, the current, and density profiles based on Monte Carlo simulations. We furthermore suggest an MPA for that case and derive the corresponding matrix algebra.