Chromosomal rearrangements involving the BCL3 locus are recurrent in classical Hodgkin and peripheral T-cell lymphoma


  • J.I. Martin-Subero
  • I. Wlodarska
  • C. Bastard
  • J.M. Picquenot
  • J. Hoeppner
  • M. Giefing
  • W. Klapper
  • R. Siebert
  • S. Mathas
  • S. Joos
  • H. Stein
  • B. Doerken


  • Blood


  • Blood 108: 401-403


  • In a recent issue of Blood, Mathas et al suggested elevated BCL3 expression to be functionally important in classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) and peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL). The authors reported strong BCL3 protein expression in the vast majority of cHLs and a subset of PTCLs.1 These results corroborated similar immunohistochemical findings by Canoz et al.
    Mathas et al reported chromosomal gains of the BCL3 locus in chromosome band 19q13 as a potential cause of BCL3 upregulation in 3 of 6 cHL cell lines and 8 of 37 PTCLs. Here, we provide evidence that not only chromosomal gains but also translocations affecting the BCL3 locus are recurrent in cHL and PTCL. [beginning of text]