Generation of two mother-child pairs of iPSCs from maternally inherited Leigh syndrome patients with m.8993 T > G and m.9176 T > G MT-ATP6 mutations


  • M.T. Henke
  • A. Zink
  • S. Diecke
  • A. Prigione
  • M. Schuelke


  • Stem Cell Research


  • Stem Cell Res 67: 103030


  • We generated two pairs of mother-child iPSCs lines for Maternally Inherited Leigh Syndrome (MILS) carrying the m.8993 T > G and m.9176 T > G mutations in the MT-ATP6 gene. We delivered reprogramming factors OCT4, SOX2, KLF4, and c-MYC via Sendai virus. All iPSCs lines had a normal karyotype, expressed pluripotency markers, and differentiated into the three germ layers. Both patient-iPSCs retained the same degrees of heteroplasmy as their source fibroblasts (>97.0 %). In maternal iPSCs, the heteroplasmy remained 0.0 % in the case of the m.8993 T > G mutation and dropped from 55.0 % to 1.0 % in the case of m.9176 T > G mutation.